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“Whole-Of-Life” Approach Needed to Prevent Violence Against Women, Says Report

The ‘Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence and Harassment Against Women and Girls’ report was put together by La Trobe University researchers.

What Is Your Business’s Silent Pulse? These 5 Questions Will Tell You…

Gauging the health of a business is best done by measuring its relevance, and this means looking at markers we might otherwise ignore.

Drive-by Christianity

Some people practice drive-by Christianity, but the Bible doesn’t talk about visiting the house of God. It talks about dwelling in the house of God.

“I’m Grateful I Had a Brain Tumour” Says Comedy Writer Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie’s recovery wasn’t easy, with months attached to tubes and retraining herself to speak after a tracheotomy, but it’s an experience she appreciates.

What Are The Most Common Acts of Kindness in Australia?

The average Australian performs 16 acts of kindness every week through the words they speak, the actions they perform, and the time they give.

Australian Churches Unite to Offer Homes, Seek Extra Visas for Afghans

Christians United for Afghanistan is a movement spearheaded by Micah Australia that is asking the Australian Government to do three things.

Business Owner, Which of These 3 ‘R’s Is Preventing Your Progress?

Almost every business wants to be known for being innovative, not all have the mindset that will get them there. Here are 3 common roadblocks to innovation.

Michael Keaton’s 9/11 ‘Worth’ Asks Can We Actually Valuate a Life? [Movie Review]

Wanting to prevent “a sever buckling of the economy”, the US Congress developed the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund.

Where’s Your Mountain?

Every one of us needs a place where we can go, a mountain, apart from the busyness of this world, to spend time with God.

Prayers for Missing Hunter Region Boy Unites Different Religious Communities

On the evening of AJ’s disappearance, a Zoom prayer session was organised that quickly reached its 1000 capacity over following nights.