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Oldest Stolen Generation Survivor Nominated for Senior Australian of the Year 2021

Aunty Isabel Reid was just seven years old when she was removed from her family. Now, she is dedicated to raising awareness of the Stolen Generation.

New ‘Dating Becomes Her’ Podcast Stamps Out Stigma Around Christians Dating Online

Dating Becomes Her aims to entertain and encourage other Christians, and make online dating less of a taboo conversation in church communities.

The Haunting Questions Of “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz”

How did millions of cultured, otherwise decent Germans – and others – stoop to such wickedness? How did they perpetrate the holocaust?

The Right Coloured Ashtrays for Church

You know God’s doing something special when you’re choosing the colour of the ashtrays for the church not the colour of the carpet.

Why the Wife of Mao’s Last Dancer Had to Walk Away From Ballet

‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ Li Cunxin’s Australian wife was also an accomplished international ballerina but had to give it up for their family.

Cinnamon & Date Loaf

A moist, dense loaf packed with the sweet-mild flavour of cinnamon, the caramel flavour of dates and a little crunch from walnuts.

New Christian Dating App Stars HiJosh in Launch

An Australian Christian Comedian has starred in the Launch Video for a New Christian Dating App offering Australian Singles the chance to find love.

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines Australia has Secured

The Australian Government has entered into four separate agreements for the supply of vaccines, investing more than $3.3 billion

Cannibals, Kanakas & Florence Young

In 1904, a tall, slender, well dressed woman stepped ashore on the cannibal-infested island of Malaita, in the Solomon Islands group.

Happy Families Podcast: The 3 Words Your Child Needs to Hear

As a parent, how can you show unconditional love towards your child when you don’t agree or accept their decisions that they’re making in life?