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How Businesses Can Recalibrate in a Crisis

‘Getting back to basics’ is a critical first step to take when crisis hits.This can be done by examining two crucial elements in your organisation DNA.

The HOPE at HOME Online Film Festival Offers Hope in Your Inbox!

An online HOPE-FILLED film festival featuring 10 of the most inspirational stories and more delivered straight to your inbox!

Fear Not

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but people’s opinions can instil fear which prevents us from sharing about them.

The Tomb Is Far Emptier than the Shelves Will Ever Be

What is death to the one who first emptied himself, and afterwards emptied his tomb? This Easter we’re reminded of the one who gives peace to the anxious.

Raspberry & Chocolate Chia Bowl Recipe

Top this healthy raspberry and chocolate chia bowl off with fruit, seeds and nuts for a delicious combo of flavours and textures in every bite!

My Child is Struggling Because Everything Is Being Cancelled

Here are 6 tips to help your child understand and process why their school fete, disco, sport events and play dates are being cancelled.

4 Ways To Host a Group Video Call

Check out these group video call tools that are available to help us stay connected and continue community through disrupting times.

Coronavirus is Going to Demand Much of Us. Here’s Something to Help

These are testing times. Where will we find the inner resources to cope with the inherent anxieties ahead and rise to consider others? This prayer may help.

Coronavirus: Call for Calm — Latest Updates

This article provides you with information released up until Tuesday 24th March in regards to Australia’s response to COVID-19

We Aren’t Perfect, But That’s Okay: ‘We Are Messengers’

We Are Messengers can only write songs, full of declarations about sin, forgiveness, and mental health—because they’ve each wrestled with these things.